Roofing Contractor Standards

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Quality goes a long, long way.

With each new roofing project different tools, materials and techniques are required. We have a thorough understanding of what your house needs. We’ve completed hundreds of projects using only the highest-quality materials and innovative techniques; we understand that building a sturdy roof involves much more than just nailing shingles in place. America Pro Roofing is a roofing contractor who uses a unique step-by-step process that includes a thorough inspection and attention to detail.


1. Building a Strong Support Deck

The first step in the re-roofing process is the creation of a sturdy and solid support deck. Without the right support deck in place, the integrity of the roofing structure may be compromised.  The professionals at America Pro Roofing Contractors have years of experience building structurally-sound support decks to support the new roof.


2. Application of Felt Underlayment

The felt underlayment is important for creating the flat, even-surface roof. We make sure that the new felt underlayment is properly installed and intact.


3. Metal Work

The third part of the re-roofing process involves extensive metal work. We properly install metal drip edge around the perimeter of the roof which ensures that each corner is properly mitered. This is very important for creating a sturdy and even roof, and we use the best methods in the industry to ensure that everything is lined properly, reducing the risk of leaks, cracks and dents caused by environmental effects and any pressure on the roof.


4. The Proper Application of Shingles


America Pro, an experts roofing contractor is known for its attention to detail and its high-quality workmanship-just ask our customers. Much of our high quality of service is attributed to how we actually apply the shingles on the roof. We use several techniques to ensure that just the right number of shingles is used to create the roof, and that the enough nails are used and in the ideal position.



5. The Last Inspection & Final Cleanup. Attention to Critical Details.

Then comes the final part of the re-roofing process; the last inspection and job cleanup. The professionals at America Pro Roofing make very sure that your new roof meets our high standards, and we will clean up the construction site 100% after the work is complete. When the final inspection is passed, it ensures you that we have not missed any critical details, and that we can stand behind our final product and our commitment to you. America Pro Roofing has strict guidelines which creates winning roofing contractor performance.